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Our company Emre Stone and Mining Inc. 1995 year in mining and natural stone industry sector is one of the experienced company started to operate . From the day we started to operate in the industry to this day quarrying, manufacturing plants and natural stone applications have successfully completed many projects in the industry and our experience in robust , reliable, and we have become a well known firm . The quarry , which specializes in the production of hard natural stone and stone cutting factory Emre and Mining Inc. Most of the production is basalt . Basalt we receive from our January , andesite and diabase rocks move from basalt plates by cutting our facility , basalt plate , stone basalt flooring, stone basalt lining , basalt curbs , basalt gutters , diabase plaque stone, diabase plate , diabase border , andesite plaque stone , andesite border , products such as gutters and obtain andesite . Our company is the rock we have achieved on behalf of our licensed quarries , we produce in our facility located in Kayseri Organized Industrial MimarSinan . Our company is registered in the name of two basalt, diabase four , two and two andesite tuff quarry and also we have 18000.00 3000.00 m² and our manufacturing facility is located m² open area . Our daily production capacity is approximately 750 stone plaque with 1,000 m² . Three of our production engineers , operators have been making three administrative staff of 10 people and 80 employees . Our company establish long term and stable relationships with customers committed . This goal is our attentive and high quality production , timely delivery and reliable operation we achieve with our approach. In this way we come to work every company of regular basalt , diabase and andesite tedarikçisyiz . Emre Stone and Mining Inc. We are one of the industry's leading companies . Basalt and diabase quarry in first to use wire cutting systems and multi-blade factory in production and we are one of the first to use multi-wire cutting machine plate making firm R & D work with local companies . Its inception to this day with the equity ongoing development, our company is developing and increasing the diversity of its products and production capacity by investing each year



“Mimarsinan Kayapul Mah., Hacı Arif Bey Cad., No: 105, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey”

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“Yaşar DURAN”


“+90 352 294 31 16”

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